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Build To Survive

Build To Survive is a game where you build a shelter to survive against the meteors. · By HoldOnGames


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I will soon begin on developing Build To Survive again!
Sorry for being away for so long! My laptop couldn't handle Build To Survive anymore so I am gonna get a new pc! This will take some time! But on the other side...
Build To Survive is now for free + Sneak peek!!!
Hello everybody, I was thinking on making Build To Survive for free. So I did. I did this becuase I wanted to get a bigger audiance. Lately I haven't been able...
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I Currently have a "Exam week".
Hello friends, I have bad news and I have good news. The bad news is that I currently have a little exam week so I can't work on my game. The good news is that...
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Build To Survive!!! Better sounds!!
Hello Friends, is out! This is the verry first update of Build To Survive. In this update the volume is "some" softer. I found out that all my friends s...
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I'm Working On A Volume Button
Hello friends, When I woke up today I went to and saw thousands of views. Thank you so verry much for your support. It helps me verry much with updating...
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Build To Survive Free Week!!!
Yes that's right you can get Build To Survive for free. Be sure to get it, becuase it has a time limit of 7 days. Be sure to share this with your friends so the...
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Build To Survive is published!!
Build To Survive is finally published. You can now buy the game, hang out with other people on discord. Build To Survive is now in its early acces state. Build...
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started by Blue Robot Oct 30, 2021
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Here you can write your comments about what you think about the game.
started by HoldOnGames May 06, 2018
5 replies
On this page you can tell me about the bugs.
started by HoldOnGames May 07, 2018
1 reply
Over here you can post videos that you made about my game.
started by HoldOnGames Jun 18, 2018
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On this page you can suggest your ideas for Materials/Objects. Every idea is welcome.
started by HoldOnGames May 06, 2018
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